Smart Photo Viewer is a photo viewer, aimed at digital and film camera owners. It offers a customizable interface with an option to display EXIF data within the file list, and comes with support for several RAW formats (Canon, Nikon, Fuji). In addition, it allows you to view RGB channels, overexposed areas, and modify EXIF data. You can also print contact sheets and prepare images for printing, web publishing or use on your PDA.

Publisher description

Are you an amateur photographer? Smart Photo Viewer has been designed for you! FREE demo. Start using Smart Photo Viewer now! The author of this program has been going in for photography for many years, and thanks to this, the interface as well as the program capacities are adapted as much as possible to meet both the beginner and the more experienced amateur photographer's demands. Moreover, in most cases these features are lacking in similar popular software products. Custom and unique features: - Support of all main formats used by digital cameras (JPEG, TIFF, RAW from Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Fuji). - Prepare images to print, put in the web or mobile device (see Features for more details). Very easy-to-use - create a file of necessary size and proportion at three clicks! - Contact sheet creation - place a necessary number of photos on the list and send for print. - Basic operations with images - copy, delete, rename files, rotate JPEG without quality losses. - Links to files creation feature - the file can be viewed in different folders physically being only in one. Save your disk space! Functions for experienced amateur photographers: - Photography parameters display for each file with sorting capacity by any of parameters - Summary statistics display on actual files, EXIF-based collected - Display of images by R/G/B channels with overlighted areas indication - Editing of the photography parameters recorded in EXIF fields - CMS support - Version control - allows the user storing different versions of the same graphics file. The user can save the current version to have a possibility to come back to any version it at any time - Image editing operations - crop, image adjustment - Image can be put on Desktop Wallpaper in two clicks All updates and new versions are free for the registered users! The full version costs $19,99. Find more at

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